An Evening at the Belfry Theatre

An Evening at the Belfry Theatre

If you are looking for something to engage and inspire you this month, the Belfry Theatre’s feature play, “The Valley” is running through the month of February, and is drawing praise nationwide:

“A wonderful piece of writing…not to be missed” Toronto Star

“Relentlessly topical – and deeply empathetic” The Globe and Mail

“Macleod has a wonderful ear and eye for the everyday details of Canadian life.” Calgary Herald

Show Summary:
The strength and fragility of everyday people is the cornerstone of Joan MacLeod’s work and The Valley is her latest gem. In this timely and moving story, a dramatic police encounter binds four people together – a mother and her teenage son, a policeman and his wife. How they – and all of us – are connected is the stuff of great drama.

Located in the friendly Fernwood neighbourhood at 1291 Gladstone Avenue, the Belfry is a professional not-for-profit theatre company that produces contemporary theatre with an emphasis on Canadian work. I encourage you to visit Belfry Theatre’s website for play schedules and calendar of events:

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