Our luxury haven with relaxing Sauna Experience and more

Our luxury haven with relaxing Sauna Experience and more

 February 7, 2024 

The Falls Suite 302 is a newly introduced luxury accommodation offered by Victoria Suites. This exclusive suite is situated in the vibrant downtown area of Victoria, providing a prime location for guests to explore the city.  What sets the Falls Suite 302 apart is its remarkable 800 square foot private patio. This outdoor space is truly unique, offering a blend of relaxation and entertainment options. The patio includes an infrared sauna, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy a spa-like experience. Moreover, there is an outdoor dining table, providing a charming setting for al fresco meals. To add to the ambiance, a fire table is also part of the patio, creating a cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy.


Exclusive infrared sauna

Did you know that spending time in a sauna not only melts away stress but also helps your heart? Indulge in our high-end, private infrared sauna experience that prioritizes relaxation. The addition of personal music and ambient lighting aims to create a serene atmosphere, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the spa session. This premium and personalized sauna experience allows guests to enjoy the therapeutic

benefits of infrared heat, unwind in a luxurious setting, listen to your preferred spa music via Bluetooth, and bask in the soothing ambiance created by the sauna’s lighting.

Private office space

Falls 302 has a private office space dedicated and exclusive workspace within. This private office space is designed to provide a sophisticated and comfortable work environment for individuals or businesses looking for a premium workspace. This offers a combination of exclusivity, comfort, and creating an ideal environment for those who prioritize a premium work setting.

Private Patio

The outdoor patio of this luxury condo is truly exceptional and incomparable to others. It stands out as a unique and extraordinary feature that sets this condominium apart from the rest. This 800 sq ft outdoor space is not just a typical patio; it’s an extraordinary amenity that elevates the entire luxury living experience, offering residents something truly special and unmatched in its grandeur and sophistication.



Get ready to multitask like a pro: work on your tan poolside while enjoying the Fairmont Empress views, because our swimming pool is heated seasonally, and the hot tub is heated year-round – making it the only time where being a ‘hot tub multitasker’ is a resume-worthy skill!


Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation with a lavish bath in this master ensuite. Luxuriously designed with top-of-the-line faucets, and supplied with quality soaps and plush toweling, it’s an indulgent retreat for your senses.


Why did the modern condo go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the emotional baggage of its outdated furniture. These state-of-the-art furnishings were carefully curated by a team of seasoned interior designers, showcasing their expertise in creating a sophisticated and stylish living space on this condo.


Let the flames dance and the laughter spark in this outdoor haven of warmth. Our fire table at this luxury condo isn’t just a centerpiece, it’s a cozy invitation to share stories, savor moments, and kindle the joy of every night spent under the open sky.


Life is better in a lounge – where comfort meets class.  This area is specifically designated for guests to unwind and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. The lounge is conveniently situated on the same floor as both the pool and fitness center. This location proximity makes it easily accessible to guests without the need to navigate through different levels or areas of the facility


Elevate your workout and your lifestyle, because who needs an elevator when you’ve got treadmills, bikes, and free weights to lift your spirits (and maybe a few dumbbells) Our onsite fitness facilities are strategically placed on the same level as the Luxury Condo because we believe in taking the stairs to success—literally.


The prime location offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and urban convenience. Whether one is interested in marine adventures, whale watching tours, cruising on water taxis and kayaking or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the inner harbor, being just one block away provides easy access to a diverse range of activities.

Check out this suite now! Falls 302

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