Downtown Victoria Markets – Grocery shops within walking distance

Downtown Victoria Markets – Grocery shops within walking distance

Galleries, delicious restaurants, coffee shops, nightly entertainment, and the Inner Harbour are all within minutes of your front door, that what makes living downtown so amazing. One of my favourite things about living downtown is the food culture, there are so many amazing places to eat in Victoria. But! As much as I love eating out, I do utilize my kitchen daily. For those non-Victorians I thought that it’s important to know where to buy your groceries within the downtown core of Victoria. Grab your grocery bags, sweats, and runners (that’s how I’m usually found at the grocery store) because there is no need for the car. I have put together a list of the most convenient grocery stores that are within walking distance of your downtown apartment.

1. The Market on Yates
903 Yates St. Open 7:00am – 11:00pm most days. The market on Yates is the downtown staple for your grocery needs; it’s truly in the heart of downtown. It’s where you will find all of your grocery needs for whatever you make be chefing up for dinner. Walkable from The 834, The Juliet, The Corazon, The Astoria, The Belvedere, and The Sovereign.

2. Jubilee Pharmacy & Market
851 Johnson St. Open Daily! For the organic lover! This market is a new addition to downtown, and it has many yummy things to offer. Walkable from The 834, The Juliet, The Corazon, The Astoria, and The Belvedere

3. The Public Market
1701 Douglas St. Open 9:30am – 6:30 most days. An amazing market if you are looking for some local goodies. Perfect if you missed something on the shopping list. Walkable from The 834, The Juliet, The Corazon, The Union, and The Sovereign.

4. Save-on-Foods – Vic West
172 Wilson St. Open 7:00am – 10:00pm most days. Situated in Vic West, just over the Johnson St. Bridge, you will be able to find everything on your shopping list. Neighboured to this grocery spot you will find many other amenities such as pet stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Walkable from The Dockside Green & The Bayview

5. Thrifty Foods – James Bay
475 Simcoe St. Open 24 hours! Perfect shopping spot for the James Bay dweller or living on the Parliament side of the Inner Harbour. I love Thrifty’s because it always has the best produce. Walkable from The Reef.

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