Featured Pub: Garricks Head Pub, Victoria BC

Featured Pub: Garricks Head Pub, Victoria BC

When settling a guest into their apartment with Premiere Suites, I often spend a bit of time chatting with them about what they’d like to do in the city. Though I’ve only lived in Victoria for 4 years, I jumped straight into the tourism industry here and made a point of learning about all the great places to check out in town. In an effort to share some of that knowledge with our guests and readers, we’ll be featuring local establishments on our blog that come highly recommended either from our staff or guests.

This past weekend’s incredible weather led to a late afternoon stroll downtown with my husband, primarily with the intent of acquiring frozen yogurt and just enjoying the sunshine. As we came along Bastion Square, dear husband decided he’d like a beer and we headed straight for Garricks Head Pub. We’ve been there a few times and typically sit in the back restaurant section; this time we opted to sit at the bar and chat with their bartenders. They tell me that Garricks Head is the oldest pub in the city, and it’s certainly one of the oldest English pubs in Canada.

With a bar that’s approaching 40 feet in length and 55 beers on tap, Garricks Head has a selection that’s sure to please even the most discerning of pub visitors. Of their 55 taps only 12 are imports, which leaves 43 BC beers to make up the rest of their selection. I opted for the Whistler Brewing Company’s Bear Paw Honey Lager, while the husband enjoyed a Stanley Park Brewery 1897 Amber Ale. They also have a varied menu with plenty of traditional pub food including my favourite, deep fried pickles.

Speaking of the deep fried pickles, upon recommendation from Tyler the bartender, we ordered a couple of delicious bacon cheeseburgers and added the deep friend pickles to the burger. Sounds crazy, but it was absolutely incredible! Overall the food at Garricks Head has always been spot on; properly prepared, flavourful and delivered with a smile.

Located right at the entrance to Bastion Square and just across from The Bay Centre, Garricks Head Pub is centrally accessible to all of our suites. The closest buildings we offer to this location are The Sovereign and The Falls, but don’t let an extra few minutes of walking deter you; the tap selection, menu and staff are well worth it! In addition to plenty of indoor seating and a wood burning fireplace next to the open concept kitchen, you also have the option of taking in fresh air on the outdoor patio.


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