Spring in the City of Gardens

Spring in the City of Gardens

 February 14, 2018 

Victoria is well known for it’s vibrant character, gorgeous views, and temperate weather. But what it’s probably known best for is its stunning gardens. Throughout all of Victoria, you can find hanging flower baskets, beds of pansies and gardenias, as well as our signature English roses. With the sunshine starting to stream in, we thought it would be helpful to compile some of our favourite gardens to explore throughout the city! Next time you feel like you have nothing to do, check out one of these gorgeous sites. You might even learn something!

1) The Butchart Spring Prelude Gardens

While Butchart Gardens is the obvious choice for the #1 spot in Victoria for flowers, we thought that the quiet serenity you can find within the Spring Prelude Gardens should at least be mentioned within the list. With rotating designers and horticulturists, this quaint spot offers a different view from every angle, and is filled with some of your favourite flowers, as well as a few ones you probably have never seen before! Featuring a calming koi-pond, boarded walkways, all while in the comfort of the indoors, this garden is a perfect way to dip into the sweetness of spring.

2) The Abkhazi Garden

Another local favourite, though on a smaller scale, the Abkhazi Gardens offer an intimate, refined garden experience. With sloping rocks, endangered Garry Oaks, and diligence that has kept this beautiful establishment open for 40+ years, this garden is perfect for those who need some time to reflect and enjoy nature. Built by a couple who dedicated their lives to cultivating this 1.6 acre lot, the love and passion that goes into maintaining their work is clear. And if you’re in need of some light refreshment, there is a public teahouse on the grounds as well. Little known, but well-loved, this is a sure-fire way to enjoy your afternoon.

3) Finnerty Gardens

Maintained by the University of Victoria, this garden is a wonderful sprawl to explore. The Finnerty Gardens have over 4,000 different trees and shrubs with more than 1,500 rhododendron and azalea plants, as well as much more. It also offers a self-guided walking tour, if you wish to educate yourself about the beautiful eco-system that uVic has helped create. The Gardens themselves are free, and offer trails, as well as grassy nooks to have a picnic in. This space offers a calm energy to those who visit, and the large grounds allow privacy for reflection. Another classic, West Coast garden to explore.

4) Oak Bay Rose Garden

Built in memory of a rose-expert husband, this beautiful Rose Garden is situated in the heart of scenic Oak Bay. While the gardens themselves are small, treating yourself to a leisurely stroll from Oak Bay Avenue to these beautiful gardens is sure to help make the trip worth it. With coffee shops, art galleries, and a pottery studio open to the public, there is much to do within Oak Bay. After you’re finished exploring, head straight down the avenue to these stunning gardens. With over 500 blooms of many varieties, this idyllic slice of Victoria is sure to bring out the romantic within you!

While there are many stunning gardens in Victoria, these are the ones I found to be most enjoyable. Are you a fan of any other gardens of Victoria? Comment below and tell us, or let us know if you visited any of the gardens mentioned above!

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