Victoria International Buskers Festival 2014

Victoria International Buskers Festival 2014

The Victoria International Buskers Festival is BC’s largest festival of its kind, and a great opportunity to watch acts from all around the world performing. This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching Victor Rubilar, Funny Bones and Flame Oz perform along the inner harbour, and they all put on an amazing show! The festival runs til July 27th and the program listing can be downloaded here.

The first act I watched, Victor Rubilar, had me laughing so hard I was in tears. This man is absolutely amazing, he’s an Argentinian football juggler and multiple Guinness World Record holder. His act involves way more than just juggling, so if you’re looking for some comedy as well I highly recommend watching his performance. He’s a great dancer with a wonderful sense of comedic timing, and highly worth your time.

I didn’t exactly intend to watch Funny Bones, but it was a happy coincidence and a hilarious act to take in. The crowd was gathering for a later performance from Flame Oz and I wanted to make sure I had a front row seat for them, so I opted to stay for the act before them as well. I’m glad I did. Funny Bones’ slapstick comedy was great, and while some of it was a bit more PG13 than most kids realized, the adults in the audience enjoyed it. They did everything from sleight of hand magic tricks (that went hilariously wrong) to break-dancing while wearing flaming shoes to dressing up in unique ‘zombie’ costumes and expressing themselves via kazoos while scaring/surprising front row audience members (myself included!). If you’re looking for a funny show with a little bit of everything, Funny Bones is definitely the act you want to catch.

One of my all time favourite acts is actually available year round, and that’s Victoria legend Dave Harris. I can’t even count the number of times my husband and I have sat to listen to him play, and he truly is one of the greatest buskers in our city. His music and enthusiasm for his craft is just astounding, and he’s ridiculously talented. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of him as I moved from stage to stage.

Last but not least, the final performance I watched was from Flame Oz. It’s no surprise they drew a massive crowd, there’s just something about fire that brings people running! They use far more than fire in their shows and it certainly keeps the crowd entertained, in this particular performance they also used beautiful glass globes and lighted wands for additional variety. Their energy level is just contagious as the majority of the show had the crowd constantly cheering and clapping.

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